Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms

September 3, 2010

This is a little blurb about Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms and what I go through on a regular basis when I’m tapering off my medication, which is Klonopin, a member of the benzo family. It’s sister drug is Xanax and Valium – and many more.

Benzo type Medications help you during times of anxiety and depression. It’s great to take temporarily when there is a death in the family, a job loss, or any other major thing in one’s life. It basically takes the edge off.

However, it gets to be a problem when a person takes it daily for several weeks. When they want to go stop – it is horrible. The best thing to do is to taper off slowly. Even then, he/she will have withdrawal symptoms. So expect it, but there are ways to alleviate the pain.

Mentioned before, I am currently on K and I am tapering very slowly off the Meds. Every time I cut down – it’s by at the most, .25 mgs. I’m on three mgs. right now.

I’ll divide this blog up into two short sections: one – the symptoms I’m going through now. Two – how to ease the symptoms. Now for the first section:

Symptoms I’m going through now (remember – it varies from person to person) is disorientation. I feel like that things are unreal – this is the worst symptom that I personally have.

I often get headaches as well. Almost like migraines. I take Excedrin (the only pain relief medication that works) and it usually goes away within an hour.

Skin crawling. This feels like bugs are crawling all over me. It doesn’t itch or anything, just a nasty feeling on my skin. Very uncomfortable.

Sensitivity – When I’m out in public, I’m very sensitive. I’ve read a lot of cases where people suffer the same thing as this. Medical journals don’t talk about this a whole lot, but I believe many suffer from this – perhaps a majority.

Now, how do I cope with these symptoms? The techniques I use help me – but they may not help everyone. Each person is different and some of my techniques may work, others may not. Sometimes, one will have to try different things on what can work.

Exercise – I used to get on a stationary bike and pedal for thirty minutes. This did help somewhat, but then I bought an exercise program called “Insanity” which is produced by a company named Beach Body. This is a series of DVDs where you have an instructor named Shaun T. that gets one doing different exercises and strength training. This will kick the symptoms right out of a person – at least for a few hours. This is something to check into.

Meditation – another great way to reduce your symptoms. Just sit in a chair or lay on a couch or bed (anywhere that is quiet) and close your eyes. Now breathe deeply a couple of times and relax your body. Once you do that (should take you about five minutes to fully relax), it is now time to relax your mind. Picture yourself on a beach telling yourself that all your worries are gone. Once you are fully enjoying yourself on the beach – you might want to go a step further: visualize yourself living your day without any Benzo withdrawal symptoms. Feel yourself being free. Do this daily and also whenever the symptoms start nagging you.

That is it. So try these techniques that I mentioned. Hopefully they will work for you as they have worked for me.

Slide Scanning Services

March 21, 2010

To digitize old slides by yourself or have a slide scanning services digitize them for you is the question. The answer is really simple. If you digitize slides yourself, you’ll have to go out and buy a special scanner, learn how to hook it up to your computer as well as installing a driver so that it will communicate with the scanner, and then take hours scanning slides in – not to mention after you are done scanning your slides, you will then have to buy a $600 photo editor (preferably Photoshop) to alter the color and sharpen the image. That’s just to much work for one person to do, not to mention the cost of everything. My personal view is that if I still had my slides hanging around the house, I would take them to a business that can digitize old slides for a reasonable price.

So where should you take your slides? Good question. Wal-Mart can digitize slides, but that isn’t their specialty. I don’t want to blow a whole bunch of money of where it probably won’t be done right in the first place. So the answer is – anyone can do it – but that raises another question – who can do it the right way? You’ll have to really search on the internet to find an answer.

Just bring up google on the internet. Type in “scanning service reviews”. This will show you reviews written by people that had good or bad experiences with scanning companies. This is great way to find solid companies.

However, if someone writes about a bad experience with a scanning company, I’m not saying that you should totally shun a company that has one negative review. Every company will have a customer who is a perfectionist and if the business did one little thing wrong, that individual will get online and write a bad review. If you see one or two marks against a business, cut them a little slack – we don’t live in a perfect world. However, if you see multitudes of bad reviews, then you will want to avoid doing business with that company.

Once you find which companies are good or bad, go to Google again and type in “slide scanning service”. There are many companies out there that you can ship your slides to that can digitize slides to cd or DVD.

Once you find the company, depending on their procedures, go to their website and download an order form and write how many slides you want digitized. If you have any questions, be sure to call them. They should have a 800 number. Next, you will have to get your slides ready for shipping. Go through each slide with a lint-free cloth and wipe it clean. Also, make sure they are in a specific order. For an example, you may have slides of two different vacations you took in 1995 and also in 1996. Separate them and let the company know that you want them organized in a specific way on the CD or DVD. You don’t want to have a bunch of digital images mixed together, not knowing when or where the pictures were taken. So make sure you organize them.

Once they are organized, ship them to the business of your choice. If you are in a rush, you can usually call the business and ask them if they can have them back to you by a certain date. Most companies do have a rushed service to those that need them back quickly.

Once they are shipped, all you have to do now is sit back and wait. When your slides arrive at the service to digitize slides, these businesses have very expensive equipment that will digitize your slide collection. How to digitize slides or how businesses digitize slides however, is beyond the scope of this article.

Once they are digitized, companies will then download them to a CD or DVD in the order that you have asked. They will be shipped back once they are finished. Once they arrive at your home, put the slides into a safe place, grab a computer and put the CD in, sit back and enjoy your now digitized images of your slides.

Scan Slides to Digital

December 15, 2009

I had a lot of old pictures laying around my house. The pictures are mostly from the 80’s and 90’s and they are mainly taken from family vacations and other events. I eventually send all the slides to a place named Digital Memories Online – which was a PHOTO SCANNING SERVICE. They knew how to Scan Slides to Digital. Sure, I had to spend some money, but it was really worth it – I didn’t have to scan them myself which would’ve taken all of eternity.

I went to their website and downloaded a short order form and told them how many slides I was shipping to them. I also sent them a quick e-mail and told them that I wanted these pictures organized by date and even on the DVD they were going to download to. I then sent the package to them.

I was kind of worried about some of the pictures, because they were distorted a little bit and was afraid that they weren’t able to repair the damages. I did tell them about it and told them to see what they could do. The company assured me they had the best equipment to deal with pictures like that.

A few weeks later, I received my old pictures in a box along with a DVD. I put all my pictures back into another box and put them in the attic. I then sat down and opened up the package of the DVD that now had my old slides converted into DIGITIZED PHOTOS. I then placed the DVD into my computer and looked through the images on my monitor. They pictures turned out great – and I’m even talking about the ones that needed repair. They must have done some good photo shopping on my photos, because the ones that were somewhat distorted – looked as good as new. I’m glad that I went ahead and had Digital Memories Online convert my slides to digital.

Photo Scanning Service

November 2, 2009

My parents went to Washington state back in the mid-nineties (actually, a couple of times), and they took pictures of mountains and of the Pacific Ocean. It was a great experience for them. They also went to Colorado during that period of time and took pictures of them being on top of Pikes Peak.

I was over there the other day and asked them where all those old pictures were at (I really didn’t want to see them), but mom, being herself, insisted that I stay a while and look as the pictures they took on their trips. I saw everything from the Rocky Mountains to Old Faithful at Yellowstone Park. I looked at the boxes of pictures and thought to myself that all these were so unorganized – there had to be a better way of keeping track of all these photos.

I went home later that day and googled PHOTO SCANNING SERVICE and looked at the different types of services I could have my mom end up having DIGITIZE PHOTOS. I called her up the next day and she agreed to have them done. I told my mom which company I would recommend to ship her photos to. Basically, all she had to do was to get online – type in the company’s web address and download a order form. From there, she filled it out (putting info about how many photos she wanted to have scanned) and put it in the box with the OLD PHOTOS and shipped them off to the PHOTO SCANNING SERVICE.

A week or two later (I can’t remember exactly when – seemed rather quickly), she received her old photographs back along with a CD of the pictures of the vacation on them. All she did was plop it in there and create a little slide show of each vacation.  Brought back good memories to her. The next time I was over, I had me sit down and look at the pictures on the computer – they were nicely done and looked like they were taken just yesterday – I was happy that she was able to relive the experiences once again.