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Photo Scanning Service

November 2, 2009

My parents went to Washington state back in the mid-nineties (actually, a couple of times), and they took pictures of mountains and of the Pacific Ocean. It was a great experience for them. They also went to Colorado during that period of time and took pictures of them being on top of Pikes Peak.

I was over there the other day and asked them where all those old pictures were at (I really didn’t want to see them), but mom, being herself, insisted that I stay a while and look as the pictures they took on their trips. I saw everything from the Rocky Mountains to Old Faithful at Yellowstone Park. I looked at the boxes of pictures and thought to myself that all these were so unorganized – there had to be a better way of keeping track of all these photos.

I went home later that day and googled PHOTO SCANNING SERVICE and looked at the different types of services I could have my mom end up having DIGITIZE PHOTOS. I called her up the next day and she agreed to have them done. I told my mom which company I would recommend to ship her photos to. Basically, all she had to do was to get online – type in the company’s web address and download a order form. From there, she filled it out (putting info about how many photos she wanted to have scanned) and put it in the box with the OLD PHOTOS and shipped them off to the PHOTO SCANNING SERVICE.

A week or two later (I can’t remember exactly when – seemed rather quickly), she received her old photographs back along with a CD of the pictures of the vacation on them. All she did was plop it in there and create a little slide show of each vacation.  Brought back good memories to her. The next time I was over, I had me sit down and look at the pictures on the computer – they were nicely done and looked like they were taken just yesterday – I was happy that she was able to relive the experiences once again.