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Scan Slides to Digital

December 15, 2009

I had a lot of old pictures laying around my house. The pictures are mostly from the 80’s and 90’s and they are mainly taken from family vacations and other events. I eventually send all the slides to a place named Digital Memories Online – which was a PHOTO SCANNING SERVICE. They knew how to Scan Slides to Digital. Sure, I had to spend some money, but it was really worth it – I didn’t have to scan them myself which would’ve taken all of eternity.

I went to their website and downloaded a short order form and told them how many slides I was shipping to them. I also sent them a quick e-mail and told them that I wanted these pictures organized by date and even on the DVD they were going to download to. I then sent the package to them.

I was kind of worried about some of the pictures, because they were distorted a little bit and was afraid that they weren’t able to repair the damages. I did tell them about it and told them to see what they could do. The company assured me they had the best equipment to deal with pictures like that.

A few weeks later, I received my old pictures in a box along with a DVD. I put all my pictures back into another box and put them in the attic. I then sat down and opened up the package of the DVD that now had my old slides converted into DIGITIZED PHOTOS. I then placed the DVD into my computer and looked through the images on my monitor. They pictures turned out great – and I’m even talking about the ones that needed repair. They must have done some good photo shopping on my photos, because the ones that were somewhat distorted – looked as good as new. I’m glad that I went ahead and had Digital Memories Online convert my slides to digital.